Meet The Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Spray

Which Is Single Handedly Forcing Pest Control Companies To Go Bankrupt!

Are you desperate to eradicate the bed bugs who’ve invaded your home? And who suck the blood out your face every night you’re tucked away in bed?

If so, then this will be the most important message you’ll read all year. Here’s why…

Despite popular belief

The UK is going through a silent crisis. A crisis which media outlets are refusing to report on. Even though it’s only a matter of time before these outlets are held accountable and forced to reveal the truth.

But what is this “truth”, exactly?

Well with over 52,000 households affected, and this number sharply on the rise. Britain is currently experiencing its most brutal bed bug epidemic since the end of WW2.

And because there’s a growing fear that the leaking of such information could crash the housing market. The “powers that be” have decided to supress this knowledge, rather than give it full national exposure.

Which Is A Modern Day Conspiracy…


Because ask any exterminator, and they’ll be the first to tell you that bed bugs are the hardest parasites to eradicate.


They don’t only camp out in your bed…

But they also camp out in your floor boards, carpets, sofas, keyboards…

You name it!

And with bed bugs having the capacity to re-produce every nine days. It’s simple for just one bed bug, to multiply itself in to hundreds if not thousands within a few short-weeks!

In which case, usually forcing the victims to abandon their home, and flee in desperate search for a “fresh start”.

As harmless as bed bugs have been made to appear. Secretly, they’re silent vampires who feed off your blood whilst you’re asleep.

The reason why you don’t feel anything, is because hidden in their saliva, is a natural anaesthetic which they inject you with. Allowing them to go unnoticed every time they drill their fangs into the deeper recesses of your skin.

In fact, stop reading for now…

And check both your mattress and bed linen for me. On it, I bet you find: red blotches, black dots, and tiny white capsules, which almost look like rice grains?

To put things straight for you…

The red blotches are specs of your own blood, which dribbled out the bed bug’s abdomen once they finished feeding

The black dots are the areas where they defecated and left their faeces

And the tiny white capsules are their eggs, which are now on the verge of hatching into a fresh litter of bed bugs

So What Do You Do?


Well in such a scenario, conventional wisdom would suggest you rush out and immediately hire an exterminator.

But in 2020, this may not be a wise move.

Because, over the past decade. Bed bugs have gone through several mutations in their evolution cycle. Mutations which have rendered exterminators useless in solving the bed bug problem.

One of these mutations have seen bed bugs grow immunity to the industrial chemicals which were previously effective in terminating them. Nullifying the only weapon exterminators ever had in their war against bed bugs.

This means, the only guarantee which comes with hiring an exterminator today, is that they’ll be polluting your home with industrial chemicals. Instead of restoring the health and sanctity of your home, which took a lifetime to build.

But be as that may, there is a silver lining…

Thousands upon thousands of people who’ve been victims of these invasions, are now tackling this problem with a fresh approach.

An approach which drives these parasites out your home faster, doesn’t pollute your home with industrial chemicals, and costs only a fraction of what you’d fork out on an exterminator.

So What’s The Secret?


Whereas the traditional and robust approach would have been to kill these parasites. Our alternative approach has centred around repelling these parasites instead.

Let me explain…

As previously mentioned, bed bugs are the most difficult parasites to get rid of.

And because an exterminator’s approach has always been to “kill everything on sight”, their methods can only allow them to eliminate the bed bugs which are visible.

But when you consider bed bugs have an infinite number of places in which they can hide, the chances of killing every single one, are remote.

This means, even though an exterminator can kill 99.9% of the bed bugs in a given home. It only takes 0.1% of the bed bugs undetected, to kick-start the infestation, and repeat the cycle of misery all-over again.

Which is why we’ve gone out of our way to develop a spray formula, which literally forces bed bugs to open the front door and exit themselves.

Sounds Too Good To Be True? Well Listen To This…


Our bed bug repellent is made up of natural compounds which provides an organic shield between yourself and these parasites.

The formula is built on a unique foundation of lemongrass, lavender and thyme. Which in combination, allows us to extract and weaponize the 'three-carene' molecule which bed bugs hate so much.

Just to give you an idea of its potency…

The floral blend in our formula leaves a linger of openness and spring-time to the human senses.

Whereas for bed bugs it holds the opposite effect.

For Bed Bugs this blend creates a stench similar to sewage, damp and decay.

Which is why when confronted with this blend.  The biological makeup of these parasites, forces them to abandon their nest and move to a whole new location.

All that is required of you, is to spray this formula in and around your bed. Once when you wake up in the morning, and once again when you go to sleep at night.

And within a few short-weeks, these parasites will be fleeing out your home as swiftly as they came!

You may not have heard this, but...


In the small town of Derby, pest control companies were literally forced to close down because our repellent was taking all their business.

Word of our formula’s effectiveness spread around the community like wild fire, and quickly brought the town’s bed bug epidemic to its knees.

So just sit back and think…

If this spray could do this for a whole town, imagine what it could do for your own home?

Due to the bed bug crisis our country finds itself in, you won’t be required to pay the standard price of £39.99 for this formula.

This is because the government has established a program which subsidises businesses like ours, that specialise in tackling this nationwide epidemic.

And only for that reason, and that reason alone, can we provide our spray formula to you at the price of £19.99.


That’s a discount of 50%...


All you have to do is press the PayPal button below, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once completed, we will immediately ship this spray over to you and you’ll receive it within 3-5 working days.

But please hurry, due to our production costs, we can only guarantee this price for as long as we receive this government subsidy.

Furthermore, we’re experiencing intense demand right now. Which is placing a heavy strain on the availability of our stock. And once sold out, will take us two weeks to replenish.

And for this reason, we can’t guarantee you immediate possession of this formula, in the event you decide to delay.

So if you’re truly serious about driving these bed bugs out your home, then please act now!

Thank You,

David Malcolm

(Managing Director)






P.S. – One More Thing…


This formula sits in 750ml bottles. Which if used under our recommended dosage, will last approximately six weeks when sprayed across two rooms.


This spray is 100% organic and is suitable to be sprayed around pets, children and the elderly.

And to show you how confident we are in this formula. If it hasn’t purged the bed bugs out your home within three-weeks of purchase, we will send you a full refund with no questions asked.